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digiTICKET is the most flexible and user-friendly electronic ticketing solution on the market today. Created by Saltus Technologies, digiTICKET saves your agency time, increases officer safety and reclaims lost revenue. digiTICKET is an electronic ticketing solution that rapidly creates and processes tickets while eliminating errors in ticket data. Using digiTICKET, driver license information is quickly captured with a barcode or magnetic stripe reader. Citation information is easily completed and a paper ticket is printed on rugged thermal printers in a fraction of the time it takes for a handwritten ticket. Officers can upload ticket information electronically where it can be used for analysis, reprints and reporting to RMS and Court systems. digiTICKET can be used with existing laptops or rugged handheld computers that include touchscreens, GPS, cameras, and cellular capability. digiTICKET can be purchased or acquired using a Service pricing option. The Service pricing option requires no upfront capital outlay or long-term contract.

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